Handling real estate transactions, projects and development in Israel

This is the leading field of our firm, and the most prominent one. We have been working on many large-scale projects in all fields of real estate in Israel, and all types of transactions, projects and contracts, including the various agreements between the cooperating parties.

We meticulously accompany complex and significant projects of large and prominent real estate players in Israel, in all stages - from the initial phase of Due Diligence of land and property acquisition; through the Zoning and development phase; through contracts with financial institutions and partners; and up to the stage of planning - construction - marketing management.

We are renowned for our aptitude in turning a complicated transaction into a feasible, simple and fast one.

In such aformentioned transactions, we are extensively engaged in all types of transactions and projects, including the following.

Residential Projects

In this field we handle all types of residential projects, including the last stage of registration of rights.

Malls and commercial centers

Our firm handles many malls and commercial centers in Israel, in a span of tens of thousands of square meters, both in the urban sector and in agricultural communities, and is known to be a leader in this field, both in Israel and abroad.

Although the firm focuses on representing "the landlord" in that field of expertise, TGK also represent selected retail chains, including a leading well-known international fashion chain operating in Israel.

Yielding assets - offices, industrial sites, logistics, old-age homes and others

We handle all aspects related to the acquisition, planning, construction, marketing and management of hundreds of thousands of square meters of investment properties and yielding properties in Israel, of all types.

Urban renewal projects

The firm currently handles hundreds of urban renewal projects, and is considered to be one of the leading law firms in Israel in this subfield.

Purchase Groups

Our firm handled many purchase groups in the residential field. We are renowned as an accomplished professional firm in this field, as well as among representatives of banks specializing in the field.

Contracting agreements, infrastructure, development, planning and consultants' agreements

As part of the overall handling of large real estate and transactions projects, TGK has wide-ranging experience and knowledge in this field. Among other aspects, we handle matters related to contractor/sub-contractors agreements; infrastructure agreements; development agreements with authorities; consultants agreements, supervisor agreements, architect agreements, and so on and so forth.

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